About Me

I’m a radio lifer.  I’m also a mom, a girlfriend, a dog lover, and an advocate for what’s right, but the one constant in my adult life has been radio.

My first turn before a mic was way back in 1979 in college.  Today, I host The Nicole Sandler Show at Radio or Not weekday mornings from 10-noon ET. Most recently, I was also honored to be Randi Rhodes‘s regular guest host, filling in on her nationally syndicated program when she was out or on vacation, until her show ended in May of 2014.  Along the way, I worked in multiple formats – from News/Talk to CHR to AC and Hot AC, to Oldies, Rock and Classic Rock, Alternative and Triple A and back to News/Talk again.

I have some legendary call letters under my belt, in some amazing cities:  WPLJ and WMCA in New York City; KLSX, KNX-FM, KODJ, KLOS, KSCA, KACD/KBCD in Los Angeles; WXRV in Boston; WBGG and WINZ in Miami, and more.

I performed in various capacities at those stations in positions ranging from Program Director and/or Music Director to hosting every daypart on-air.  I’ve been a Promotion and Marketing Director, Producer, and even Production Director and Webmaster.  At my current home at Radio or Not, I perform all of those function, plus those of chief engineer, cook and bottle washer.

My love of music led me to a career in radio, and my natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge and information expanded my chosen formats to talk.  In the decades I’ve been making a living in this profession, I’ve played some really good music on a few amazing radio stations, and talked about the ways of the world on a both local stations and with people all over the country – and the world.

I’m looking for the right opportunity for the next chapter in my radio life.  Check out my  resume here, or keep reading for the rest of the story…

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Raymond says:

    I like your show. I do not agree with everything you say. That is because I have a mind of my own. You are a good source of information for people who do have minds of their own. I do listen to conservative talk radio and progressive internet radio. I like to explore a wide variety of sources so that I may be able to digest the information that is out there. I thank you for your service as a journalist and an activist citizen. I’m trying to step up to the plate myself. In fact, I contacted two of my state senators last night and asked them to vote no to fast track and the TPP. It was you who opened my eyes to it. Have a good day and know that you do offer a valuable service. Thanks again.

    • Thanks Raymond! I appreciate the kind words and the fact that, with you, I’m not “preaching to the choir”.
      I’m guessing you found this site via a google search. The site for my show is actually RadioOrNot.com – where each program is posted along with blog posts, links to guests and articles, etc. I hope you’ll visit and join in the conversation there in the blog comments and chat room too!

      • Raymond says:

        OK. I successfully managed to get your show @ radioornot.com. Previously to your response I was listening a day late on tunein. BTW, I’ve been listening on my iPod via wifi while working for several mmonths. I live in central time zone. It works out perfectly. I get you first. Then the fat bloviator. Then a delay of Rachael maddow. Then NPR when I get home. I do not watch tv. Creative people don’t watch tv.
        At any rate, I was trying to figure out how to get to your chat while on break. The problem was getting my other device set up for my wifi at work. I really don’t have the time at work to use the net as I am supposed to be swinging a paint brush. But, there may be some topic sometime in the future that I cannot resist commenting on. At any rate, I enjoyed your show today in real time. Have a good day!!!!

  2. Carolyn says:

      Nicole, I will be listening to you more regularly after my beloved hero retires and would like to contribute the same amount that I paid for Randi..I’ll miss her painfully, but to be honest, during her last shows I could sense that she had had enough..I listen to a couple of hours of her podcasts, get lost in DU for a while, then slip into the outer limits. Nothing remotely in-depth as you, and Randi and (?)so sorry CRS kicked in. 
    I starting out 10 months ago losing my job, but am fortunate enough to be eligible for SS blah blah blah. But I made a pact that I couln’t listen to Randi unless I was doing some form of exercise. Sine then I’ve walked nearly 700 miles and plan to reward myself with your podcasts after my goddess, mentor, guru Randi leaves. 

    I always enjoy your shows and feel that I will soon treasure you as much as I do our beloved Randi.

    Love, power, peace,


    Sent from my iPad

  3. Just want to say I love your show, from Southern California! I like how you are so down to Earth and always keep your cool and stick to the facts unlike some others. It’s very refreshing and makes for a very enjoyable lsten

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