Nicole Sandler was, for the fourth time (out of four,) named to Talkers magazine’s “Frontier Fifty”


More Recommendations:

John Manzo – Executive Producer/Program Director  The Randi Rhodes Show – Premiere Radio Networks

“As the Program Director & Executive Producer for the nationally syndicated radio program The Randi Rhodes Show, I’ve come to know, trust and rely upon Nicole Sandler over the last three years, and it is my pleasure to recommend her for employment.

Nicole Sandler is my primary substitute talk show host—a position highly sought after by dozens of other radio professionals. However, in my 20+ years in broadcasting, no other guest host has demonstrated Ms. Sandler’s ability to consistently deliver quality work even when given very little notice, or when there is limited support personnel available.

I have also been impressed by Nicole Sandler’s poise and temperament when interacting with others. As a substitute host, she has no control over the makeup of the team she must work with during any given program. Even so, Ms. Sandler manages not only makes excellent use of the contributions of others; she also takes the lead in easing the staff anxieties that are inherent to program hosting changes.

Perhaps most importantly, I can count on Nicole Sandler’s judgment and professional ethics no matter how sensitive the subject matter being discussed. I know my program’s relationship with listeners, affiliate stations and corporate sponsors will not be jeopardized when Ms. Sandler is on the air. Moreover, if a potential problem does arise I know Ms. Sandler will always seek out guidance before ever taking an unnecessary risk—an absolute must in the high-pressure, fast-paced world of live talk radio.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions concerning this recommendation.”   

Dennis Constantine  Director of Programming, Live 365

When I was consulting KSCA in Los Angeles, we were looking for someone who had great on-air skills. We connected with Nicole, who had a significant role on the Mark and Brian morning show in Los Angeles. She brought her radio knowledge and her fan base to the station. Nicole’s daily program was one of the most popular on fm 101.9. She knows what works on radio and how to connect to the listener. I highly recommend Nicole for her on-air skills, her work ethic, her connections and passion for doing a great job.

Michele Clark  Founder & CEO Sunset Sessions and Michele Clark Entertainment

Nicole is incredibly smart and hard working. She is very creative and has amazing contacts within the industry, especially with artists. She’s a seasoned radio vet. Nicole will be a tremendous asset for anyone lucky enough to work with her.

Charlie Seraphin  Strategic Plan and Execution/ Former KNX-FM/KODJ General Manager

Nicole is a first class professional. She’s organized, detail oriented, and she gets the job done…seeing the big picture and taking care of the little stuff. She’s upbeat, friendly, team-oriented and fun. I strongly recommend Nicole Sandler for a spot on your team!

Nathalie Rodriguez  Morning Show Co-Host/News Anchor at Clear Channel Radio

Nicole is oozing with talent and passion for the art of broadcasting. Her sultry voice, wealth of contacts and ability to comunicate with the listener makes her an asset to have on any radio format. She is a strong, self-starter. There is an earthiness about Nicole that makes her an easy sell. There’s no doubt she can deliver $$$!

Perry Michael Simon  Writer, Editor, Radio Programmer

Nicole is one of the most versatile people in the radio business – programming, marketing, hosting, producing, and voiceovers, all at major market stations. She’s committed to winning.

Lori Shepard Grasso  Experienced Broadcast Media Professional / Former News Director 610 WIOD and South Florida iHeart Radio / Anchor/Reporter

Nicole is a very professional, organized person. She has a ton of contacts, political or otherwise, and can pick up a phone and grab the “big names”.
She’s passionate about her work — which shows in everything she does.
She’s dependable and reliable and committed to whatever project she’s working on at the time.

John Schoenberger  Triple A Editor at All Access  

Nicole is a total professional, pays attention to details and is passionate about anything she decides to tackle. I highly recommend her.

Corinne Baldassano   Senior VP, Take On The Day LLC/The Dr. Laura Program

Nicole is one of the most well-rounded “radio” people I know. She’s versatile — having worked in many formats. She’s talented — both on air and off air. She’s smart. She’s trustworthy. And she’s passionate about what she does. She brings tremendous energy to her work, and would be an asset to any team of professionals.

Stew Herrera  Pro Voiceover Artist/Production Director at ABC Radio Los Angeles

Nicole embodies everything that is supposed to make radio -particularly MUSIC radio- interesting and engaging to listen to. She is articulate, personable, pleasant, and brings an equaled passion -both for radio and for music- to the table. She’s programmed, produced, and hosted great radio over more years than she’d probably care to admit…

I’ve worked with Nicole, against Nicole, and for Nicole and I wouldn’t hesitate to bring her on if I were in a position to hire.

Bruce Greenberg  Partner, The GDR Group

I have been following Nicole’s career for years. Whether she is programming AAA in L.A. or doing talk radio in South Florida, she is professional, passionate and entertaining. There are very few in her league.

Jim Nelson Partner at Direct Current  

I have known Nicole for more than 20 years, both professionally and personally. I have managed her as a staff writer.
Her work as a writer was exemplary; she was thorough, attentive to detail and what she wrote was creative and enjoyable to read.
As a DJ, Nicole’s personable style and smooth delivery make her one of my all-time favorite people to listen to on the radio. If I was a Triple A radio programmer looking to hire an on-air staff she’d be the first person I called.

Meg MacDonald Owner  M:M Music

I don’t know many people with the history at radio that Nicole has. She commands an endless amount of knowledge of music and of the industry. Her rolodex would probably grab quite a few bids on ebay. You don’t have to go far to find someone who has worked with Nicole and finds her incredibly passionate about her job and about the music she’s charged with representing.

Roger Mayer  Author of Drain Your Brain, Feed Your Mind, Former Music Industry executive  

Nicole Sandler is quite simply a STAR and a remarkable, lovely person. When you look up the word “class” there is a picture of Nicole. She has amazing insights and a clearly defined ability to articulate them Intelligent, funny, personable talented that is Nicole Sandler.


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