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I’ve long believed that the internet will be the transmitter of the future.  You could say that I’m the epitome of the early adopter when it comes to online radio.

My first foray into internet radio was back in 2000.  I was at the helm of the first radio station to seamlessly transition from an over-the-air (terrestrial) signal to internet-only.  The whole story is detailed here.  But the Readers Digest version is that most people were still on dial-up and then the dot com bust killed us.

Years later, I decided to start  a podcast as a place to share some of my old music interviews.  Eventually, Radio or Not morphed into the home of my live online show, the show’s podcast and my blog and home base.

It’s still radio, but it’s not… in place of the transmitter, we now use the internet.  So, welcome to Radio or Not.

Click through to see and hear what I do there.  Yes, I handle every aspect of the site – from the show and all it’s elements to the website, blog, podcast and more.

2 thoughts on “Radio or Not

  1. SUE P says:

    I enjoy listening to you when you sub for Randi. After watching Rachel Maddow fight back against the Koch Bros the other night I am making a plea to all progressive voices….

    I feel this year ALL progressive media voices will see unprecedented attacks (talk radio and especially MSNBC). The Right is systematically taking more and more talk radio shows off the airwaves and now they are instilling controversy among the ranks at MSNBC, I guess to create infighting between the show hosts and management. Allowing them to dictate this story line is crazy. Please keep your backbones against these attempts to silence progressive voices. We will need you ALL more than ever this year………….. Sue

  2. Joe M. says:

    XM Sirius Progress channel gets worse with every change in line up. I’m glad to have your podcasts 4 days a week to fill in while trucking around the west coast. If Radio or Not goes full time with maybe Randi Rhodes and others you’ve got my support. Luvya, oldsagejoe

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